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8 Things You Should Know about Waterville

HouseZach Mitchell ’11 Lake Barrington, Ill.
Major Undecided
“When I was applying I thought Waterville had nothing, but there are many really cool things here.”

Hilary Smith ’08 Enosburg, Vt.
Majors English & Russian
“Order pizza from the Korner Store. It has fast delivery, lots of gourmet options, and it delivers ice cream, too.”

Pat McBride ’11 Malvern, Pa.
Major Undecided
“The Colby Movie Night is really cool because you only pay $1 for a movie.”

Emily Colin ’10J Santa Fe, N.M.
Majors Geology & Chemistry
“In the West, cities are very far apart from each other. But here in New England, there is a mass of towns——near Waterville there are towns like Portland and Augusta. So even though Waterville isn’t very big or exciting, everything you can ever want is very close by.”

Sakshi Balani ’10 Kolkata, India
Majors Psychology & Sociology
“The Waterville Opera House is a lovely place to get together and watch a play or something.”

Sam Pelletier ’09 Montpelier, Vt.
Major History
“There are a lot of hidden treasures that shouldn’t be overlooked, such as cool restaurants and stores. The locally operated restaurants are worth seeking out.”

Emily Pavelle ’10 Mahwah, N.J.
Major Anthropology
“It’s good to get involved in the community, like being a mentor, to get to know the people in town.”

Kristina Shiroka ’08 Fiskdale, Mass.
Major Environmental Policy
“Don’t go to Bonnie’s Diner.”

On February 2, 2009 at 11:07 am, Mindy Favreau wrote:
Bonnie's Diner may not have the best decor or ambiance, but the food is great! And you can get a lot for your money.If you're looking for a great breakfast/brunch, I suggest Early Bird Restaurant in Oakland, 37 Main St. Great ambiance, fantastic food -- but be warned, it's popular on the weekends!Colby alum '07