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7 Things You Should Know about Dorm Life at Colby

Sarah Levine ’10 Marblehead, Massachusetts
Majors Math & Physics
“Freshman should definitely leave their doors open. I did my freshman year, as well as walk around my dorm [Johnson] to meet everyone who lived there and introduce myself. It worked out really well.”

Trevor Hardigan ’09
Savannah, Georgia
Major Biology
“Dorm life varies a lot depending on what dorm you live in. I lived in Dana for two years, which was great but always very busy. Although it was nice always to have something going on and to see a lot of friends, I think it’s important to find a quiet space too.”

Josie Thiele ’12 Sag Harbor, New York
Major Undeclared
“Everyone in East Quad gets really close. … There’s definitely more of a community in this dorm than I’ve observed in others.”

Andrea Notopoulos ’11 Newton, Massachusetts
Major Environmental Studies
“This year I live in GoHo [the Green House], which is great because a lot of like-minded people live there. ... It’s a very supportive community. We have a lot of fun working and living together. I recommend it to anyone interested in the environment.”

Noel De Freitas ’10 Brooklyn, New York
Major History
“If you don’t want to pay dorm damage, make sure to live in a chem-free or quiet dorm where the damage is always little to none. “

Jenny Chen ’12 North Potomac, Maryland
Major Undeclared
“I live in Heights and spend a lot of time hanging out in hallways, knocking on doors and getting to know a lot of new people within the dorm. Make sure you’re ready to be social and see lots of people all the time.”

Stew Brown ’10 Wilton, Connecticut
Major Mathematical Sciences
“My advice for a first-year in terms of dorm life at Colby is that it’s totally worth it to clean up your room. I live off-campus right now but remember how much I liked to come back to a clean room when I lived in a dorm.”

On November 1, 2010 at 3:56 pm, Michaela Parker wrote:

I stayed in Dana for soccer camp in sixth grade. I loved it!