iC Dingbat

10 Things You Should Know about Winter at Colby

Ali Todd ’10 Rockland, Maine
Major Biology and Art History
“If you bring a car … bring a shovel”

Dave Connick ’09 Pembroke, Massachusetts
Physics and Math
“Winters are awesome! Go to Sugarloaf.”

Skier and SnowflakesDoug Piper ’11 Portland, Oregon
Major Chemistry
“The winters at Colby are very cold.”

Joanna Fisher ’09 Charlotte, North Carolina
Majors Anthropology and Music
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Nick Robichaud ’09 Gilford, New Hampshire
“Dress warmly and get prepared for some pretty sweet views. Everything’s just white. It’s pretty rad.”

Sam Pelletier ’09 Montpelier, Vermont
“I would suggest buying a pair of sturdy winter boots because it does get snowy, and walking to and from class you might want to keep your toes warm and dry.”

Anders Nordblom ’10 Holderness, New Hampshire
Major Environmental Science
“There’s a sweet ton of activities.”

SnowmanAmy Reynolds ’09 Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Major Psychology
“I really like the winters at Colby because the skiing is great and the ski pass is a great deal.”

Michael Schwartz ’10 Foster City, California
Major Psychology
“I recommend playing lots and lots of broomball.”

Jamie Goldring ’09 Newton, Massachusetts
"You need scarves—to cover your face."