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6 Things you should know about choosing classes your first year

Story by: Po Yin ("BoBo") Wong '09

Patrick Boland ’09 Pasadena, Calif.
Major: Government
“If you are a science-type of person, take a religion class, and if you are a government major, take a course in computer science—whenever possible, try something new.”

Olivia Sterling ’09 New York, N.Y.
Major: English (creative writing)
“When I came to Colby, I didn’t know what to expect, so I think talking to advisors is very important. I would say avoid huge introductory classes, because there aren’t many incentives to show up and I personally find more reason to do well in smaller classes.”

Anders Wood ’07 North Yarmouth, Maine
Major: Physics, Minors: Mathematics and art
“Don’t lock into a subject path right away, and keep your mind open!”

Leanne Powers ’08 Summit, N.J.
Major: Chemistry, Minor: Art
“I did what my friends did, so I think you should follow your own interests in choosing classes. Also, get rid of your requirements early.”

Sonia Booth ’10 Somerville, Mass.
Major: Undecided
“If you don’t get the classes you want initially, just keep showing up and a space may come up as people drop out.”>

Hannah Converse ’09 Hampden, Mass.
Major: Economics, , Minor: Chinese
“Don’t freak out if you don’t like a class, because there is always something better. It takes time to explore, and you have three more years to do so. In your first year, you should try out new things.”

Po Yin ("BoBo") Wong '09
Hong Kong, China
Majors: Economics & English