iC Dingbat

7 Things You Should Know About What to Bring to Colby Freshman Year

Story by: ZoŽ Herrmann '13

Esther King ’13 Brussels, Belgium
Major: Undeclared
“A mirror…. I know I was really pissed about not having one and not knowing what I would look like going out in the morning.”

Emily Warmington ’10 Gilford, New Hampshire
Major: English
“Stock up on Sudafed and Tylenol in advance, as well as Band-Aids, because I injured myself a lot freshman year.”

Duct tapeSam Kaplan ’13 New York, New York
Major: Undeclared
“A set of plastic stackable drawers for storage.”

Erica VandenBerg ’13 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Major: Undeclared
“Multiple blankets—my room is freezing all the time.”

Wesley Richardson ’13 Williamstown, Massachusetts
Major: Undeclared
“A snow shovel, for one thing, as far as getting cars out. Also, there are these instant electric kettles that boil water super fast. And duct tape. Lots of duct tape.”

Hanna Glickman ’13 South Windsor, Connecticut
Major: Undeclared
“A coffee pot for your room. I use mine all the time.”

Rose Solomon ’13 Lexington, Massachusetts
Major: Undeclared †
“A stapler and a hole puncher, because you don’t realize how many papers you need to write and how hard they can be to find at the last minute.”

ZoŽ Herrmann '13
Alameda, California