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The Great (Foss) Hall

Story by: Jenny Chen '13J  |  Photos By: Hannah Shapiro '12

Sighted: witches, wizards, Dobby, and the Whomping Willow … at Foss dining hall?

The Great Foss Hall
Students packed Foss dining hall for Harry Potter night, which was so popular that it is likely to become an annual event. Photo by Hannah Shapiro ’12

Students seeking a little magical reprieve from their studies transformed one of the Colby dining halls into The Great Hall from the Harry Potter books and movies, resplendent with house colors, flickering cauldrons, suits of armor, and medieval paintings. Just days before Halloween, the dining hall was packed with more than 600 students—50 percent more than on an average night. Cameras flashed and students chattered excitedly—and got on the phone to gloat to friends from home.

Posters publicizing the dinner went up a week earlier, and by that night students were abuzz with anticipation. They weren’t disappointed. After picking a house out of a hat at the entrance, students sat at their respective house tables and feasted on the likes of Gillyweed Soup, Hippogriff Pot Pie, and Steamed Forbidden Forest Tubers, followed by desserts including pumpkin bread and treacle tart. A newly formed Quidditch team circulated a sign-up sheet to recruit more members.
The magic was contagious—even the dining hall staff got into the spirit. Manager Terry Landry dressed up as Dumbledore and encouraged competition by offering a $25 gift certificate for the staff member with the most original costume.

“This should be a Colby tradition,” said Fiona Masland ’12 as she finished her Hippogriff Pot Pie. There was general agreement from her friends.

It turns out Colby students have much to look forward to. “We just threw all the decorations in a box so we could pull them out next year,” said organizer Nick Cunkelman ’11.

Butterbeer, anyone?

Jenny Chen '13J
North Potomac, Maryland
Majors: English, International Studies...

Hannah Shapiro '12
Buffalo Grove, IL
Major: English, Minor: Art