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8 Things You Should Know About Campus Jobs

Margie Weiner ’12 Oxford, N.J.
Major: Science, Technology, and Society
Student jobs on campus allow students to be given responsibility and take more ownership of Colby. My job with the orchestra gives me confidence in my ability to work independently and be depended on by adults.

Mail runnerMargaret Kruithoff ’12 Winslow, Maine
Major: American Studies
Working in the mailroom as an office clerk and mail runner has introduced me to many of the people who work behind the scenes at Colby. It is so great to have these people I can trust for advice, a good laugh, or even a hug on a bad day.

Kendall Hatch ’13 Saco, Maine
Double Major: Music and Classics
It’s so important to have a good relationship with your employer. They recognize and appreciate those students who come into work every day with a smile and a cheerful greeting. Don’t be afraid of your boss; they understand that you might need their guidance for some things, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help.

Emily Wolf ’10 Bemidji, Minn.
Major: Mathematics
One thing I would say is you get to know and be friends with the staff members you are working with. In the college atmosphere it is nice to have friends who aren’t all just college students.

CopEmily Warmington ’10 Gilford, N.H.
Major: English
Get a job right away. It’s much easier in the fall than in the spring. Also, getting into a job early insures that you will have time to move up the food chain, gaining access to supervising positions and higher pay. ... Working as the Student Security Supervisor for the last two years has also, unexpectedly, been a point of interest to many potential employers. Showing that you can work effectively in a job with your peers is something future jobs like to see.

Lauren Kerr ’12 Farmington, Maine
Major: International Studies
I work in Media Resources this year, and basically, unless I have to go do a setup or assist a professor with some technical issue in their classroom, I can do homework or just chill while I’m at work. It’s really useful when you’re working 10 to 12 hours a week to not have that time be eating into all of the other stuff (hw, etc) that you have to do. I can be a lot more productive and less stressed about getting everything done in time.

MechanicSteve Tatko ’10 Willimantic, Maine
Major: History
I work as a plumber for the PPD [Physical Plant Department] mechanical and electrical division.
I absolutely love my job. It allows me to use the other side of my brain and my hands, all the while effectively getting me out of the classroom one day a week.

Kaggie Orrick ’10 Washington, D.C.
Major: Environmental Studies: Environmental Science
I couldn’t make up my mind and ended up with two jobs, athletic trainer and class president. Two completely different jobs, but both rewarding and interesting. At Colby it’s not so much “can I get a job?” but “what kind of job am I interested in?”