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8 Things You Should Know About Tutoring Services

Photos By: Elizabeth Hathaway '11

Kelsey Naruse ’13
| Wailuku, Hawaii
Major: Biology
My language tutor explains things to me in a different way from both my professor and the book. We play with the vocabulary in a way so that I can become more comfortable and confident. 

Daniel Sunderland ’14 | Middlebury, Vermont
Major: Undeclared
There are different help centers. There’s one each for subjects like chemistry, Japanese, and a bunch of other subjects. 

Francesca Zuckerman ’14 | Long Beach, California
Major: Undeclared
My grade improved dramatically after seeing my tutor for a few weeks and has remained so. I see my tutor two times a week for an hour and, if I have a test, once on the weekends.

Adan Hussain ’11 | Astoria, New York
Major: Mathematical Sciences
Our Writers’ Center is a place for writers to collaborate on the writing process. Students can come during any stage of the process and look over the material with a tutor.

Allison Rigby ’14 | Santa Ana, California
Major: Undeclared
For language, especially when it is new for you, it is really helpful to have someone to help you with the basic concepts, pronunciation, and clarification—and with conversation practice.

Benjamin Smith ’14 | Tokyo, Japan
Major: Undeclared
My math tutor helped me understand the complicated concepts in calculus. She made calc comprehensible to the mathematically challenged.

Emily Karr ’13 | Marshfield, Massachusetts
Majors: American Studies & Biology
I’ve had four tutors here so far. The individual attention is wonderful and has helped me to excel in my courses here.

Mark Gracyk ’14 | Lemon Grove, California
Major: Undeclared
The Writers’ Center is a great place to go if you need any help. They not only can correct your papers and essays, but tutors teach you new methods to improve your writing.

Elizabeth Hathaway '11
Norwell, Mass.
Majors: English, Art