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Hola from Ecuador

Story and Photos by: Hannah Shapiro '12

Hola Colby-

This semester I'm studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito. I'm learning about Andean history and cultures in my courses, speaking Spanish 24/7, and hiking, climbing, and kayaking my way across this gorgeous country. One of my favorite parts about living in Ecuador is interacting with the rich indigenous cultures. In this photo, an indigenous man is weaving a tapestry from memory in a market outside of Quito. He has about 60 different designs committed to memory and makes the same tapestries his family did before him. Like the weaving skills, the hat he wears has also been passed down from generation to generation. The hat is over 160 years old! The pride the indigenous cultures of Ecuador have for their heritage and traditions is the only thing I can think of more beautiful than the tapestries this man weaves.

Hannah Shapiro '12

Hannah Shapiro '12
Buffalo Grove, IL
Major: English, Minor: Art