iC Dingbat

6 Things You Should Know About Orientation

Colby FlagBrandon Nieuw ’12 | Port Chester, New York
Major: Anthropology
Introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

Abbey Wallace ’12 | Potomac, Maryland
Majors: International Studies & Anthropology
Orientation is long, but a wonderful introduction to Colby.  The small groups and quickly formed strong bonds emulate what you will find during the rest of your time at Colby.

Adam Drago ’14 | East Islip, New York
Major: Psychology: Neuroscience
You shouldn’t worry so about what people think of you. This is when you’re shaping the culture of your class. I was preoccupied with how people were perceiving me.

Lauren Fisher ’13 | Marblehead, Massachusetts
Major: Government
It’s COOL to be weird. You look like more of a fool if you’re too afraid to look like a fool. Play all the games.

Pat Adams ’13 | Greer, South Carolina
Majors: Environmental Studies: Policy & Sociology
A lot of people will tell you what to expect about Colby. Don’t listen to them.

Jillian Howell ’12 | Saugus, Massachusetts
Majors: Environmental Studies: Policy & International Studies
Be prepared for an adventure and be open to new experiences. Just as you should with the rest of your time at Colby, try everything and don’t be afraid to take chances.