iC Dingbat

Zombie Madness

Story by: Tendai Mutunhire '13

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end in 2012. Games like Colby’s NERF Zombie Apocalypse make it an action-packed and fun-filled ride to the “end.”

ZombieIn this version of the popular humans versus zombies games, human survivors battled a growing horde of zombies on campus this Jan Plan. “Staying on guard 24-7—it’s tough,” said organizer Hank Lanphier ’12. The month-long game, in its second year, had 44 participants.

Humans used NERF guns to fend off zombies. Balled-up socks functioned as missiles and grenades. When humans were tagged they degenerated into zombies. To help distinguish between zombies and humans, the participants wore different colored bracelets—red for humans and green for zombies.

According to Lanphier, zombies had the edge. “When it gets down to those last people, you get some intense, coordinated ambushes,” he said. “When there’s only one dining hall open, they know where to wait. Dining halls are just death traps for that.”

So is Pulver Pavilion, where students like to hang out. “There’s a lot of different ways they can come at you, and if you’re not looking three-hundred and sixty degrees, you never know who’s gonna come up,” Lanphier said.

One thing is clear: it’s not if, but when. Zombies prevail.

Tendai Mutunhire '13
Marondera, Zimbabwe
Majors: Music and Creative Writing