iC Dingbat

7 Things You Should Know About Balancing Academics and Athletics

Shane Rogers ’15 | Basketball
Newburgh, New York
“There has to be a serious commitment to both. If there is a passion to do well in both, balancing them becomes easy.”

Amy Lones ’12 | Nordic Skiing
North Yarmouth, Maine
“My commitment to the team has actually helped me with my academics because I know I can’t procrastinate. It motivates me to get my work done early and efficiently.”

Matt Carroll ’14 | Varsity Tennis
Greenwood Village, Colorado
“It’s manageable to balance because our coach is always stressing academics before athletics.  He always says tennis is a distant second to academics."

Sarah Kletzer ’15 | Swimming
Santa Cruz, California
“I would say that you have to be incredibly conscious of your time. I always make a plan for the day that fits in exactly when I can study and get work done before and after practice.”

Charlie Dupee ’15 | Soccer
West Paris, Maine
“Student athletes can get overwhelmed trying to balance academics and sports if they don’t have good time-management skills. Since I have absolutely terrible time-management skills, it was really important for me to prioritize what I needed to accomplish each day and stay on top of schoolwork.”

Leigh Anne Fryxell ’14 | Indoor and Outdoor Track
Simsbury, Connecticut
“I find that when I am in season, I am better at managing my schoolwork because I know that I don’t have time to mess around and procrastinate.”

Matt Burton ’14 | Ultimate Frisbee Club
Boxford, Massachusetts
“Being on Frisbee helped me get outside and exercise. This released some stress and energy, which really helped me focus on doing my class work later on in the day. It was nice doing a club sport, because I could prioritize my academics but I still had the option of being on a team.”