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Coming Clean About Body-Image Issues

Almost everybody has a secret, even when it comes to one’s own body. 

Two notecards from the Body Talk display

And so the Colby Feminist Alliance teamed up with Student Health On Campus (SHOC) during March’s Body Image Awareness week for a program called Body Talk. The Feminist Alliance collected notecards on which people could share anything about their body—anonymously—and decorate the card however they wanted.

The Feminist Alliance came up with this PostSecret-style event in hopes of increasing body-image awareness. “I think there is a lot that needs to be talked about, but people are not comfortable necessarily bringing that to an open public forum,” said Laura Duff ’13 one of the Feminist Alliance members responsible for organizing the event. She hopes that by reading these secrets, people will realize that nobody is alone and there is probably someone else going through similar struggles. 

With more than a hundred entries, the Feminist Alliance displayed a selection in the student center for two weeks. Some of the notecards send positive messages, but others share personal insecurities and struggles.

“I didn’t think we’d get quite that many, but I’m really glad. I was hoping for it,” said Duff. “It made you realize that there were other people going through stuff. And that a lot of people have secrets.” Here are some:

 “I ♥ my thunder thighs because they help me swim and run fast!

“I know I got my job based on my looks and body. Sexist corporate America.”

“I look my best when I’m dancing in front of my mirror… naked.”

“I wish no one else had an effect on how I feel about my body. But they do.”

“Dress shirts never fit me right. The tailor is my friend.”

“I wonder if my clothes make me look fat.”

“Accept me as I am.”

“I love my body for what it can do, not how it looks.”

“I ♥ my boobs. Even if they are uneven.”

“I wish I did not worry about the food I eat!”

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