iC Dingbat

10 Things You Should Know About Free Stuff at Colby

Jena Hershkowitz ’12 | Brooklyn, New York
Majors: History & Religious Studies
“Colby has given me three different research grants. So I have gotten to go places for free. I went to India for the month of January absolutely for free to do my research, and that’s incredible. So, seriously, that’s some good free stuff.”

Hiya Islam ’15 | Dhaka, Bangladesh
Major: Undeclared
“Donuts at 9 a.m. Wake up! It’s worth it.”

TicketsErin Fitzsimmons ’14 | Topsham, Maine
Major: Philosophy
“The free movie tickets that SPB [Student Programming Board] sets up are awesome... but I am partial to the one-dollar movie at Railroad. Also, while I have never been to a First Thursday [in the art museum] that I could drink at, that is something cool and free to look forward to once I turn 21.”

Omari Matthew ’14 | Bronx, New York
Major: Biology (Environmental Science concentration)
“You’ll get a lot of T-shirts, mugs, and pens. You will need to find space in your room to house all the free stuff.”

Maria Luisa Zeta ’15 | Piura, Peru
Major: Undeclared
“Colby is really good at funding—I just got funding to go to Thailand for an internship this summer.”

Lindsay Hylek ’12 | Lexington, Massachusetts
Major: Psychology
“There’s free coffee and chocolate in the Writers’ Center whenever you make an appointment!”

TDonutsate Kaneshige ’12 | Honolulu, Hawaii
Majors: Government & French Studies
“One of the best free things at Colby is the stack of fresh newspapers (New York Times, Boston Globe, local paper—take your pick) waiting to be taken every day. I grab one before I go to the dining hall if I’m planning on eating solo. Less academically speaking, free exercise classes: yoga, step, intense training, Zumba... whatever you need to keep the freshman 15 (or the senior 30? 40? 50?) at bay!”

Sydney Hammond ’14 | Winnetka, Illinois
Majors: Science, Technology, and Society & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
“I love the free massages during the stress-buster fair offered through SHOC (Student Health on Campus).”

Stefan Davatz ’13 | Baar, Switzerland
Majors: Biology & Chemistry
“There’s more than I keep up with.”

Rachel Haines ’13 | Topsham, Maine
Major: English
“I say always go to food tastings. You’ll get delicious samples and maybe find a new favorite place to eat.”