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Story by: Madeline Reusch '12

Although at Colby I am concentrating in painting, I have always found a thrill in working with found objects and less conventional supplies. My junior spring I went abroad to India to study and paint. While there it seemed that the Indian environment clung to every fiber of my constitution; it overwhelmed my senses and sent my mind into creative overdrive. The painted elephants and women in their elegant saris were sublime flames of color afloat in a world of organically created neutrals, somehow enhanced by the ever-present thin veil of grime suspended over Bharat. I brought this life of color home through my collages, which combine and balance the Indian environment’s tangible structure with its bold color ambiance as seen through my eyes. The objects that make up my collages are intriguing in their nature, moving the viewer beyond their objectivity to be consumed by their color.

Madeline Reusch '12
Denver, Colorado
Art (Studio & History Concentrations)...