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9 Things You Should Know About Support for Students

Story by: Jenny Chen '13J  |  Photos By: Abe Krieger '16

John Grimaldi ’15   | Manchester, Massachusetts
Major: Economics: Financial Markets
“I probably would have come very close to failing Calc 121 and 122 if it wasn’t for Calc After Hours and the infamous George Welch [math prof who runs the late-night tutoring program].”

Lex Jackson ’16 | Shelburne, Vermont
Major: Undeclared
“My Writers’ Center tutor helped me to think through my essay and to workshop my paper in a way that strengthened the content of the paper and my understanding of the entire writing process.”

Christine Zeng ’13 | New York, New York
Major: American Studies
“It’s cool that the counseling department is a safe space on campus where you can be as real as you want to be and it’s their job to listen.”

Emma Donohoe '14 | Boise, Idaho
Major: Biology
“The jitney [campus shuttle to and from downtown] is really helpful, especially if you don't have a car. You just have to be willing to wait.”

Shameeka Murphy ’13 | Waterville, Maine
Major: Psychology
“I had a general chemistry tutor who was awesome. She would go over my exams with me and she would explain problems from problem sets to me. She also taught me how to ask questions.”

Kate MacNamee '14 | Rye, New Hampshire
Majors: German Studies and Psychology: Neuroscience
"Because of their job, the deans come off as more intimidating than they really are. A lot of students at Colby forget that they can be a big help to us, but they're an incredibly useful part of the Colby support system. They can be funny, thoughtful, weird, and wise."

Madison Louis '13 | Wellesley, Massachusetts
Majors: Global Studies and French Studies
"The other day, one of my classes spent time working on our projects in the library. Before we came to class, the librarian had pooled a variety of sources that pertained to each of our individual topics. We are lucky to have such dedicated library staff willing to work with students on an individual basis."

Jen Nale '14 | Belgrade, Maine
Major: Philosophy
“Dawn [Strout, strength coach at the athletic center] offers a variety of classes that are available for athletes and non-athletes alike, and it really brings a new dynamic to the fitness culture at Colby.”

Chris Pratt '14 | Wellesley, Massachusetts
Major: Mathematical Sciences
“Dawn is amazing. I love Dawn!”

Jenny Chen '13J
North Potomac, Maryland
Majors: English, International Studies...

Seattle, Wash.
Majors: Science, Technology, and Society; Government