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4 a.m. at the Writers' Center During Finals Week

Story by: Lily Holland '15

It is 4 a.m. during finals week. Most people are asleep. But some brave (or crazy) students battling exam-related demons can be found in the Farnham Writers’ Center. Coffee

One might expect to smell desperation at this time of night. “They come in with their PJs on, their eyes are bloodshot,” said tutor Olivia Biagetti ’14. “But they have this tired, excited energy.” The aroma of steaming hazelnut coffee could explain the high spirits.

In addition to caffeine, the fact that most of their papers have been completed adds to the positive atmosphere. And the Writers’ Center helps provide the finishing touches.

The tutors are in pretty good shape as well, except for a few who look slightly bloated. This is a result of all the food that the Writers’ Center provides. Alex Gucinski ’14 says most of the food—from a healthy veggie tray to Nutter Butters, Twinkies, and cheese curls—is eaten by the tutors.

Gucinski says that despite obstacles and distractions, students absolutely “leave with an improved paper.” So, if it is 4 a.m., you have a devastatingly difficult government paper due, and you feel all hope is lost, don’t give up. The Writers’ Center has your back.

Lily Holland '15
Rowayton, Connecticut
Major: English, creative writing concentration...