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6 Things You Should Know About Living with a Roommate

Story by: Po Yin ("BoBo") Wong '09

Foua Vang ’10, Saint Paul, Minn.
Major: Environmental Studies
“Colby has a good system to let you know who your roommate is before actually coming to the College. Take advantage of that before you get to meet your roommate.”

Katherine Unsworth ’10, Shelburne, Vt.
Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
“Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Living with a roommate is not like living with yourself.”

David Way ’09, Stow, Mass.
Major: Philosophy
“Sharing a room with someone for me is like having a brother. You have to get along with your roommates even if you don’t like them.”

Emily Boone ’10, Washington, D.C.
Majors: Environmental Studies and Economics
“You learn to make compromises. In the beginning my roommate and I were strangers to each other but it was nice [to have] someone going through the same transitions and we worked through them together.”

Michael Schwartz ’10, Foster City, Calif.
Major: Undecided
“It is important to communicate with your roommate(s) because it will be easier to deal with problems that may arise. Also, be respectful of people’s differences. I think living with a roommate is a cool way to expand your horizons. I have an international student as my roommate and it is fun to hear his point of view on things. ... It’s a cool experience.”

Aichatou Fall ’10, Saint-Louis, Senegal
Majors: Mathematics and Economics
“Don’t bother other people.”

Po Yin ("BoBo") Wong '09
Hong Kong, China
Majors: Economics & English