7 Things to do when it’s 70 & Sunny!

Bring on the sunshine! Last week was a record breaking warm week in Waterville, and Colby students know how to enjoy themselves after a brutal (but wonderful) winter. Here are seven items to check off the bucket list for next time the sun’s out…

1. Walk to Dairy Cone-located just at the bottom of Mayflower Hill, Dairy cone may look like just a small stand on the side of the road, but it’s got a huge selection of delicious treats! It is also a great way to treat yourself after running the 3-mile loop as it is conveniently located right near the end of the path. Tonight the Colby-Waterville Alliance is paying for the ice cream so it’s free to all students—there’s no excuse not to go!
2.Grab a friend and head down to the tennis courts-I went for the first last week and had a BLAST! Not only was I surprised by how many kids were taking a break after lunch and playing either for iPlay or for fun, but it was a nice change of pace to be running around on a solid surface after being in the boats for Crew everyday.
3.Colby-Hume Center (aka my home away from home!)- Located only 7 miles from campus, the Hume Center is truly one of Colby’s best kept secrets. With a beautiful dock to lay out on, picnic tables right by the water, and of course the Crew boat house, there is always something going on. During COOT week, leaders pack onto the dock for some fall sunshine, and nothing changes in the spring as we had to maneuver our way with the boats over many students enjoying the sun on the dock the other day!
4.Campus Golf-I will admit, this is something I have yet to check off my list, but have seen a myriad of students partaking in it the past few days and it looks so much fun. Using foam golf balls, groups of students create various “holes” (landmarks) on campus and see who can make it in the least strokes. Make sure to keep your head up!
5.Grab n’ Go on the Quad- Bobs, Foss, Dana…I don’t need to tell you that we’re spoiled with our food selections here on the Hill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not nice to change things up sometime. “Grab n’ Go” or “Take 4” allows you to hop in line, pick up a hand picked sandwhich, fruit, chips, drink and fruit all packaged up and read to go. As the Quad gets packed when it’s nice out, there are always frisbees and footballs being thrown, and people stopping to chat in between classes. I had a lunch date with a friend I wanted to catch up with the other day as we sat, ate, and enjoyed the sun-what could be better?
6.Study by Johnson Pond-I promise you, reading for a class never was more enjoyable than if you’re seated under a willow, on a blanket with friends overlooking beautiful Johnson Pond. While you definitely don’t need to bring work to enjoy the surrounding area, chances are there’s enough to be done so you might as well dive in (to the book that is, not the pond…)
7.Convince a Professor to hold class outside-my anthropology professor Britt Halvorson held half of class outside the other day, and there are often English classes stationed on the steps of Miller, or biology classes walking around outside. It’s a great way to extend the conversations literally outside the classroom, boost morale, and we had much more energy as we returned to the classroom for some final thoughts!

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