A walk around the pond

To be honest, it’s been hard to find things to blog about. Especially last week, which felt like it’s own special form of a not nice place. I can’t think of any other week that felt so grueling as last week’s.

This week is not as grueling. Nevertheless, I felt incredibly tired and weary today. After dinner, I realized I could not take it. So my friend and I took a walk around Johnson Pond. Johnson Pond is near the left row of the Frat row dorms (those are near Bob’s Dining Hall).

I have another thing to confess. This picture is actually from October. Today wasn’t sunny in the slightest, and it rained on and off. However, by the time we took our walk, the rain had it stopped and the weather was cool. It was grey, moist, and refreshing.

The entire walk was refreshing. It wasn’t a particularly long walk either, only twenty minutes. But it’s great to know that when you are feeling down or stressed out, there is a little spot on campus that not only provides an escape but also rejuvenates you.

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