A Walk Around the Town

When I want to get outside and go for a walk at Colby, I explore the wooded trails of the Arboretum. In London, I take to the streets. Sure, the scenery is a little different, but it’s just as beautiful in it’s own way. The history in all of the buildings is incredibly, and the view of Big Ben that I get when I walk across Waterloo Bridge takes my breath away every time.

This is what I get to see every day when I walk to school.  The contrast between the London Eye and Big Ben in the background holds a strange beauty for me. 

There are so many bridges running across the Thames. The amount of activity on the river never ceases to amaze me.

Walking to class I get to walk through this beautiful outdoor courtyard. I can’t wait until it’s warm so I can sit outside between classes!

The tallest building in London, and my lighthouse guiding me home. I know that once I see the Shard, I only have to walk a little further to my apartment!

The other day I had some free time, so I decided to spend my time walking all around the city. Big Ben is much smaller in person than you would think!

The London Eye from a different angle.  The wheel moves so slowly you can’t even tell it is moving! I can’t wait to go on it and see London from a birds-eye view.

Even though it’s not the quickest way home, I love walking by St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a stunning building, inside and out.

Even though I have yet to be inside the Tower of London, the outside of it exudes eeriness!

There is so much to see in London, that I am sure I will spend countless hours more just wandering around the city. There’s something new to see around every corner. Good thing I have plenty of time to explore!

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