Almost There

So there’s about a million and two things going on now.  And nearly every person I’ve talked to has said something about how they’ve been slammed with work, similar to everyone else they know.  BUT we’re so close to break!  There are a ton of performances and activities going on within the next few days, so that’s helping to take the edge off finals.

Tonight I’m going to see Powder and Wig’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so that should be interesting.  Tomorrow during the day there’s a bunch of holiday stuff going on around campus.  And tomorrow night is the men’s hockey game against Bowdoin – it was even written up in the New York Times (  Sidebar:  I don’t like adhering to the major stereotypes about Minnesota because anytime I say I’m from there, someone goes “Minnesoooooota” and I don’t speak like that (although I appreciate a good Minnesotan accent, don’t get me wrong).  We’ve also established I hate winter and Minnesota is in a winter-y state from essentially October to April.  However, I love a good hockey game.  Plus I actually understand the rules (I don’t understand the rules to football, and no matter how many times it’s explained to me it still perplexes me).  Therefore, I am quite looking forward to the game.

Next Friday is the last day of classes, which will be unemotional for me because I only have one class that morning.  I will miss my W1 class (shoutout to GM120).  Kinda wish I could take W1 again next semester, but I wouldn’t be allowed to.  That night is the “Carols and Lights” service which I’m super excited about because I loved going to the “Lessons & Carols” service we had at my high school.  I think I went to three different carol services last year.  I love Christmas carols.  They were playing in Pulver today and that was fantastic.  Next weekend is Loudness and we have Outasight coming on Saturday – should be an awesome concert.

Then it’s reading period and I have a bunch of stuff to do, but it’s gonna be ok because after that week I can go home!

The little things that made me happy this week:

My roommate told me she brought us Christmas lights – I thought it’d be enough to go across one wall.  No – she had enough lights to go around our entire room.  I vote to keep them up even after Christmas.

I made an ice cream sandwich with SPRINKLES in Bobs the other day.

Full moon

Happy Friday!

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