.. And Other Colby Summers!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about what goes on here at Colby during the summer, but in reality only a small amount of the student body stays in Maine. Out of the 1800 kids here, only 200 stay on campus for the summer months while the rest go off and, well, do other things. It’s always so interesting how we all end up being in one place for 8 months, then go and spread out around the world for the summer, going back to where we came from or doing other things, before all coming back together. Being Colby students, a lot of us find interesting or unusual things to do that don’t fall under the latter categories, but generally I think most people I know end up doing one of the below.


Getting an Internship:

This is a more popular option especially among upperclassmen, offering an opportunity to go into the real world and get ready for life after Colby. However, the process getting one, as I found out this spring, is complicated, a lot of work, and usually extremely competitive. Generally Colby students do pretty well in getting the upper edge among other competitors, and we land summer internships all over the globe. Since I’m a government major, I’m more familiar with government related internships – I have a bunch of friends in my gov class that landed internships in the White House, with members of Congress, and other prestigious positions. Although, I can’t say those are the norm – most people end up having a more local and not intense experience! Outside of government, students intern in hospitals, small companies, and in many other fields. Next year, this will hopefully where I’ll be – either down in DC or another big city.


Camp counselor:

Working at a summer camp is probably the most go-to summer job for any college student, and Colby is no exception. While generally most people who do this are underclassmen trying to find something fun to do over the summer, there are a bunch of us juniors and seniors who are having a hard time leaving their roots and going out into the real world! Last summer I worked at a sailing camp for kids 8 – 15 years old, and while I can’t say it’s the best resume builder, I certainly miss it and going back there before my senior year is still definitely an option.



Many of us end up working the typical high school summer job at home and having a relaxing and laid back summer – working at a corner store, a fast food chain, or something along those lines. While this is pretty rare especially for a Colby junior or senior to-be, it feels good to kind of go back to your roots. After I’m done working at Colby this summer, I should be working in a restaurant on the water for the month of August which I’ve done the past now three summers and am immensely looking forward to.



A good amount of students end up using their summers to explore other cultures and help out around the world – since this is probably a whole other blog post in itself, I’ll just say that I know a bunch of people helping out in Africa, exploring China, getting to know Europe, and working to build small rural towns.



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