And then real life was like nah

So I didn’t get nominated for the Watson fellowship. I had my interview on Monday, and I didn’t think that it went bad, but I don’t know. I’m not too upset though, because even though I’ve been on kind of a bender since I found out Tuesday night, I’ve been thinking about what I could have done differently and the answer is, not much. My essay was tight, the project was some real passion, and they laughed at my jokes in the interview. I guess there were just (at least) four projects that the committee thought had a better shot at the national level.

Since that fellowship stuff is off my schedule, I guess Space Club is priority #1. The executive committee (my two friends and I) are having trouble picking a day of the week because all our schedules are completely incompatible. I guess it’s looking like Wednesday nights for now, but who knows. I have to get posters up this week because we are trying to do an observation session next week. I’m trying to do copywriting when I get out of school, so this tags are going to be great – I’ll put up pics when they get printed.

Speaking of advertising, on Monday I’m going down to Boston to do some career center stuff. They got a buss for a bunch of students to go down and do job shadowing/make-awkward-small-talk-with-alumni at PR, marketing, and advertising firms. Given that this school feels like it’s 80% econ majors, I feel like I’m going to be in the minority in that I want to meet the creative types, not the demographics synergy optimization people. That’s a thing, right?

I did have a good interview for something else though (that transition needs work, but this is a blog.) I spoke with the dude who teaches the blacksmithing course over JanPlan and that’s what I’m going to be doing. Be in the forge from 9-4, 4 days a week. So pumped.

And also, one last note about the Watson – I’m still going to do my project. It might not be for a full year, or as thorough as it would be if someone was giving me 25k to do it, but I’m going. I think that’s kind of the point.

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