Back at Colby

Coming back to Colby after being away is always a mixed-emotion experience. I was doing biology research in Costa Rica for two weeks of Janplan, and now being on campus feels a little strange.

First off, it’s hard not to miss the sunshine and warmth of the Costa Rican mountains or the days I spent in the forests with the research team. Even as a Nordic skier and a lover of winter I’m finding the transition to temperatures hovering near 0°F a little tough. Also, although I was gone from campus for an entire month between winter break and my trip, at times I feel like I never left Colby. When I’m sitting in the dining hall or going to practice, life outside of college seems like a dream.

Playing in the San Luis River in Costa Rica. It was dreamy.

Still, in other ways being back at school feels a little like coming home. I realized how glad I was to be here today when I was prepping my skis for a race with the team; listening to music, talking, and getting pumped for the weekend of competition on our home race course.

If you’re just getting back on campus from Janplan or a semester abroad, welcome back. If you’re about to embark on an adventure somewhere far away, remember that Colby will be here for you when you get back.

Happy Weekend!


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