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Welcome to JanPlan!  I am taking a class called “The Image of Men and Women in American Film: The 1960s”. So Monday/Wednesdays we watch films, Tuesdays/Thursdays we talk about them.  Class is in the afternoons, so in the mornings I’ve been working because I got an on-campus job (besides blogging)!  So it’s been a pretty exciting week for me.  I wake up around 9:30am and head to work at 10:30am.  I’m glad I have a job because I think otherwise my sleep schedule would get super messed up and I’d stay up late watching TV or something and then I’d sleep in and then I’d just end up tired all week.  My schedule last semester wasn’t regular because some days I’d have 9am class, some days 10am, some days I’d have afternoon class and some days not.  I love having a steady schedule now because it makes me feel more organized and more in control of how my day is going because I have places I need to be from 10:30-3:30 and then I have the rest of the afternoon/evening to do homework or go to the gym or whatever.  And then my Fridays are completely free, so I enjoyed sleeping in and going to the movies today.

It’s been much easier to adjust to being back here after break not only because I don’t feel like I’m new on campus anymore since the Feb Frosh have arrived, but also because it’s way easier to figure out what I need to be doing and when I need to be doing it if I only have one class to worry about!  That being said, I’m already worrying about when JanPlan’s going to end and how I’m going to have to go back to work in four classes for the second semester.  I suppose we get one last break with JanPlan break – and I just booked a super cheap flight from Portland to Newark so I’m really looking forward to seeing my family in New Jersey/New York then (I’m also excited for the Super Bowl…for Beyoncé to perform at half time.)

Also, I had a fantastic break – my very good friend from England came to visit so I got to experience all the fun things I love about Minnesota (Gophers hockey game, skiing up North, Mall of America).  Coming back is always going to be hard, if for no other reason but that my bed at home is like sleeping on a cloud (and that’s hard to be away from.)

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