Bigelow: There and Back Again

Happy Lunar New Year! This year is the year of the snake!

My Chinese zodiac is the Goat, which is possibly the most powerless of all zodiac-related animals. I would really, really love to be a dragon. I think I would be very good at roaring, fire-breathing and guarding treasures. Certainly won’t let some hobbit figure out my weak spot.

Goats are okay too I guess. They grow their own sweaters which is pretty cool.

So, since I loved The Hobbit as a child, and enjoyed The Hobbit movie as an adult (?), I am going to fashion my review on the one-semester long Bigelow program as a three part epic trilogy.

Bigelow: An Unexpected Journey

Once upon a time, this blogger is just a simple student dwelling in the cozy land of Colbilian. She enjoys the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends, feasting in the Dinning Halls and reading. She has little idea about the tiny spark of flame in her heart, the fiery desire to embark on a great adventure.

One day, she found herself wanting to learn more about tiny floating mystical creatures in the Great Oceans. She seek advice from the Wise Advisor from the yonder Off Campus Studies Office. The Wise smiled, with a twinkle in her eyes, and pointed her to the faraway land of Boothbay Harbor, where the Bigelow Round Table of Scientists were rumored to have treasures beyond measure: the endless knowledge about what dwells in the deep, dark seas.

With little to guard her than some research experiences and a pretty average mind, this blogger braved Bigelow. Her adventures begins…

… I think this is as far as I can go with that. So, here are the cool parts about the Bigelow program. You can learn more from this link:

Also check out my previous blogposts!

  • There are three PhDs to every student. This means if you have a question, you can just grab someone in the hallway for a great conversation. This also means that if a zombie apocalypse broke out, you would be surrounded by zombies who can do … quantum physics and genetic manipulation. Run for your lives.
  • Smarty-pants as they are, the scientists are super helpful and friendly. So, helpful intelligent people = good news. Maybe their friendliness means that as zombies, they will consider not eating your brains.
  • The building is beautiful. As a Colby student in your Bigelow semester, you would be working in their brand new, sparkling, top of the notch East Boothbay campus. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it is also filled with the best equipment that is at your disposal.
  • What is the use of cool sciencey-machines if you can’t use them? Thankfully the people at Bigelow are very, very happy to help you use those 50 thousand USD bad boys. They have a “Me casa es su casa” policy.
  • The classes are pretty fun, with nice field trips and engaging experiments. Forget about those scheduled lab periods where everything is written in the stars, the lab here is an adventure. You don’t know what will happen. Maybe something will blow up. Maybe a hobbit will walk into your lab asking for directions to the Lonely Mountain. Maybe there are secret gold piles guarded by a dragon. Maybe you will find the one ring. Maybe you have figured out that I am referring to The Hobbit. Maybe not.
  • The location is great. Boothbay itself is gorgeous like a painting, and the people are nice and lovely. The ocean is very, very close, and there is nothing more romantic that a long stroll around the shoreline. The general store of East Boothbay is a 5-minute-walk from where you are staying. The East Boothbay House of Pizza has delicious handmade pizza, and a family so warm and loving that makes teddy bears look like soulless zombies.
  •  It is super easy to make great friends. You are given a Y membership, and you will meet great people if you join the classes. The Post-docs and TAs are great people. The scientists will host you in their houses. Everyone wants to be your friend.
  • You get to design your own research. You will be assigned a mentor who will lovingly guide you through your research. It is a great experience.
  • It is great for someone looking for a challenging semester. I think that is pretty self-explanatory. Yeah.

To be continued…

Next time I will explore the darker side of the story. Wink wink.

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