Book Quest

I never thought finding books for class would be so difficult.

At Colby, finding your books for class is incredibly easy. You just have to go to the Colby College Bookstore website, click on the “Textbooks” tab, and scroll down to “Find your textbooks here.” ¬†When you click that, it will bring you to this screen:

All you have to do is click on your course number, click “Find Books,” and then voila! There appears a list of all the books you need for each of your courses. The best part is is that you can buy them all right from the Colby Bookstore. If you order online, the Bookstore staff will have all your books together and ready for you to pick up in-store within a couple of days. Or, if you don’t want to buy them online, you can go into the store and peruse the shelves where you can find all the books you need.

Here in London, things are a little different. The University doesn’t have a bookstore, so we students are left to find our books on our own accord. It is no easy task. Since the lecturers (British version of professors) all want us to find certain editions of each text, finding the books in a used bookshop is a full day affair. After not being able to find a copy of The Riverside Chaucer is any used bookshop (granted, I probably didn’t look too hard for there are far too many bookstores to explore in one day), I settled for buying my book at Waterstone’s. ¬†Waterstone’s is basically our version of Barnes and Noble, except much classier–imagine carpeted floors, dark wooden bookshelves, dim lighting, and comfortable, cushy chairs. I could wander around the stores for hours. I found this gem among the hundreds of books on the shelves:

The books I couldn’t find in Waterstone’s, I ended up buying on Amazon UK. It was free shipping anywhere within the UK!

Classes have started and I have my books–I am officially a student at King’s College London for the next 5.5 months.

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