Brisbane (Going abroad part 2)

EDIT: I actually had to change where I was going abroad! So, I am no longer going to Brisbane.


So I know I’ve done a blog post in the past on going abroad, and it looks like this is shaping up to be the second of many! Most of my other friends so far had all their application stuff done and completed like last semester, but I’m pretty much a slacker so I’ve been doing all of it pretty last minute. It’s nice though, OCS at Colby and IFSA-Butler is pretty chill and really just works for you so that things end up going the way you want them to. For the last blog I wrote about this, I was planning on going to Sydney in February – since then I’ve changed a bit and am actually going to be going to Brisbane, Australia at the University of Queensland. To fit in a course for my Computer Science major – CS 251, Data Analysis/Visualation – I needed to find the right course at my abroad university and the University of Sydney didn’t have any course that would even come close for my CS department head to give me pre-approval for. So, I did a ton of research and looking around and I found a pretty similar course at the University of Queensland – it involves computer graphics too, I think.

I know I probably should have gotten all of this figured out ages ago, but over the summer when I applied I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that I wanted to add a Computer Science major to my government major, so I guess I was just like screw it and applied to Sydney. Even though I’m still not sure if I can fit in the major – there’s a slight possibility it might need to be a minor – I’m glad I changed because living in a city is expensive as hell and the University of Queensland has much lower tuition costs than Sydney. Queensland is a World Top 100 University, too. It should be pretty awesome – I’m at Colby for JanPlan taking a course on Video Game Design (it’s actually pretty legit) and while none of my friends are really here (pretty much everyone is abroad or not doing JanPlan, most upperclassmen don’t) I think I’ll just live at Sugarloaf or Sunday River for the month and go home. If I have a car. Mom, dad, if you’re reading stalking me and reading this (I know you are): truck for the month, please.

Anyways, then I fly out at the beginning of February after a nice week or so at home. I’m ridiculously pumped and scared at the same time – I don’t see any of my friends for seven months and somehow have to become an adult. Like quickly. Well, considering I don’t think I’ll ever be very mature, I’ll just have to do the best I can.¬†And, take hard courses not here in the comfort of Colby.


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