Busy and I Like It

Wow. Has it really been over a month since I posted? Lately, things have been so busy I’m not even sure what the date it. Nevertheless, I apologize (once again) for not updating this blog for over a month.

That being said, I have found myself busier than ever. I feel if you are a Colby college student who is really “living”, you will be busier than a colony of bees (sorry for the bad pun). Now by all means, I am not claiming I am the busiest girl on campus. I am not taking five classes with three labs on the side. Nor am I part of four different clubs and find myself at a different meeting every night. No, that’s my neighbor next door.

Nevertheless between classes, exercise (I’ve had a couple of health scares while here), extracurricular activities, study abroad forms, budget proposals, and the small inklings of a social life, I’ve found myself too busy to procrastinate. For example, my Film Studies class requires that we watch a film every Wednesday 7pm-9:30ish pm. Sometimes, we are required to see other films off campus on Sunday nights or attend events throughout the weeks. However, since it’s my favorite class of the semester, I’ve found little to complain about.

And indeed, I’ve found myself with no complaints about the general busyness of my life. Even during spring break, I kept myself busy with a secret (sorry) project that I still need to finish. Like most students at Colby, I believe that the busier I am, the happier I am. Because the quick pace of life means that there’s more to absorb in it. Colby provides plenty to absorb and it’s my job to hurriedly sink in as much as I can. And for that, I am thankful.

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  1. Josephine Liang says:

    Seeing that your other neighbor is the bathroom (granted, the bathroom is a pretty busy place), I think you are talking about me! Cheers to living life to the fullest…
    …and occasionally just sitting down and siping a cup of tea.

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