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The Last Post

I suppose it would be more apropos to write my final blog post for insideColby on the day of graduation. However, final pay entries are tonight, so as Weezy says, I guess I have to let money talk for me*. Granted, I’ve written all that I could write about Colby so I guess I’ll just leave you all with a cliche list of things you should do at Colby. Sing! Run! Dance! Study! Eat in Foss!

All kidding aside, the one thing I wish I did more often was go to the Arboretum. Colby is a little bubble. It’s sort of just like a big prep school, which is great in some ways, but not great in others. One of those things is that you get stuck inside the day-to-day: study, eat, study, sleep, party or play sports, sleep, study, repeat.

There isn’t really a city nearby – going to Portland is pretty much infeasible when it’s an hour and half said and done. Therefore, you’re much more likely to go to Sugarloaf or just grab Chipotle at Augusta.

So if you’re nowhere near a city, how do you keep yourself refreshed and rejuvenated when the daily grind is so easy to get stuck in? Just wake up. Put on some sneakers. Go to the arboretum and marvel at pure nature. There are rivers and paths and streams and a little bog and a pine tree section and a section full of ferns and things growing and living on all of them, unless it’s the winter in which case you can stop by woods on a snowy evening. If you know it’s a full moon coming on, you can go into the central part of the arboretum and watch the moon rise above the patch in the trees the river has created and find yourself in a pitch black forest, suddenly illuminated.

I’ve had all these experiences and I wish I’d had more. You can always study. You can always have a drink. You will have time enough to hang out with your friends. So spend some time alone if you can because most likely you’ll be living with someone almost all the time, sharing the same bedroom, bathroom and study space for the next four years.  Turns out alone time that isn’t studying time is as precious as all the NYT authors say it is, b/c college goes by oh so quickly!

So that’s it. I did everything I wanted to at Colby, I only wish I’d spent a bit more time wandering by myself in nature. And editing my insideColby blogs, but hey, you can’t have everything.

*Lil Wayne, world-renowned rapper

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Make Some Noise

Loudness weekend this spring was a sight to behold. On the backside of the Alfond Apartment Complex there are four apartments with patios. We all (I live in one) agreed to have a massive gathering on Saturday at noon. Besides the annual affairs of the football team’s pig roast and Doghead, this was the biggest group of Colby students I’ve ever seen together in one place. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Eventually this event bled into the spring concert. I didn’t really know any of the music by the artists performing, but I doubt any of them have ever heard of my music blog, so I guess that’s ok. There was burrito truck from Rolling Fatties up near Sugarloaf too! – the line was too long for me to get any burritos before they closed, but I guess that’s ok too.

Later in the evening, some of the artists came and performed behind our apartments. On one side the real artists performed. On the other side, our apartment’s speaker blared out old-school rap. I wandered between both and soaked it all in.

Once upon a time in my freshman and sophomore year, tons of juniors and seniors lived off campus and threw awesome parties. I had some of the most fun of my life thus far. And then I’d hit the books again. However, what with the 5-0 and all those events have died down and therefore, so has the mingling. Of course – parents – parties aren’t why we come to college, but the weekend comes every week, so you might as well have a good time.

A weekend like this was a splash from a cold IPA in the face compared to the stale Natural Light many weekends in the winter often are. It was a reminder that on the weekends we are all on average 20ish year olds just looking to enjoy some time together, meet new people and have a good time with our current friends.

Getting a chance to break out of your standard social group and explore is/was great. I can only say as I graduate college that I wish the weather was a little warmer, or that there were some places kids could gather like this all the time. Then maybe I’d have some more friends in the Geo department or on the ski team.

I always tell people the one thing at Colby that is truly different is that you can’t just have one identity. You need to mix and match and be able to talk with tons of different people. However, to do so is actually only forced upon you a few times – such as weekends like Spring Loudness – and it was awesome.

So to those coming next year: Find your scene, but don’t be afraid to break free of it every now and then. Get cliche every once in a while and make some paper mache. Spring loudness is a great way to do it in a big way every so often. Maybe we should all go to Burning Man next year. JK.

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CLAS and performances everyday…

Last week was extremely hectic and I was basically performing everyday.

Wednesday: Piano class performance

Thursday: MU182 Music Theory 2 composition

Friday: Rehearsal for Saturday and Sunday’s concert

Sat&Sun: Carmina Burana

I really enjoyed all the performances I had in Colby College. I guess I became a lot more active this semester, especially towards the end of the semester. Perhaps because I “fit into” Colby more nowadays. I found my passion and what I want to do. Though it sounds cliché, but Colby does provide a lot of resources and opportunities, it just depends on whether or not we grab it.

**I really appreciate the idea of CLAS. I went to the Economics department for the Honor thesis presentation! Haha, I wish I can be one of them in the future:) Here are some photos that I took recently.

Haha, this is Stan Renard, our conductor for the orchestra, he’s amazing!


And this is the presentation by Alex Ng’15.

I’m gonna have two performances today, good luck to me! There is also Megs A Cappella group performing tonight! It’s gonna be amazing~~~

Nice weather!

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Lobstah Rolls

Well, after months and months of snow, winter jackets, perilously hanging icicles and countless hot chocolates … spring is FINALLY here to stay. Yes, we’ve had a couple warm days mixed in the past two weeks, but we have yet to have a streak of perfectly sunny, clear sky days until now. The wait is over. Spring is here. The week ahead looks incredible – tomorrow is 81 and the rest of the days are mid to high 70s! Despite having a ton of work this week, I haven’t been this excited for a Monday in a while.


In celebration of the nice weather, my friends and I spent most of our weekend outdoors. On Friday, we went to dinner at The Green Spot, which is about five minutes from campus and known for their organic, fresh, farm to table food. The moment I walked in, I knew I would have to make The Green Spot a regular visit place. They have everything – from fresh fruit and veggies to home made peanut better and from homemade meatballs to freshly baked bread. However, their lobster roll is what has made them famous at Colby. I had never tried a lobster roll before (I know – I’m crazy), so my friend and I decided to split one. Although it was really good, I have to say that my chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting stole the show — but I’m just a dessert girl at heart.


On Saturday, my friends and I spent most of the day outside tanning and relaxing and then went to the Junior Senior Soirée later that night. We got all dressed up and had a really good time! The dance had a live band and was really fun – lots of dancing and singing along!


On Sunday, we spent the day watching the baseball games and putting off all of our homework…. so worth it.


I’m looking forward to more sunshine and procrastination tomorrow.


My friend enjoying her cupcake from The Green Spot!


Sunshine and baseball






About Meg

Before moving to "The Hill," I grew up in the quiet farm town of Princeton, Mass. Whether I'm making a brownie sundae at Dana, running through the streets of Waterville, or sunbathing with friends on the quad, I love everything about Colby, but some of my favorites are the flatbread pizzas at Bobs, yoga classes at the athletic center, and Miller Library's comfortable chairs. I spend time running track, visiting my CCAK buddy, and writing for insideColby.
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Exploring Maine

Oysters are EXTREMELY expensive in Hong Kong, so “when in Maine, do as the Mainers do” We went to an oyster house in Portland, and we tried all kinds of Oysters in Maine haha! We ordered 4 dozens of oysters and tried the oyster bun as well!


After trying out the Maine oysters, we went to one of the most famous tourist places in Maine: the Portland lighthouse. Haha, it was such a blessing! When we got there it was raining and the sky was not clear at all. Then all of a sudden, the rainbow appeared (sadly we couldnt capture the faded away in 5 secs)
We took a lot of great photos!!!


It was such a nice break! I hope I can get my driving license soon so that I can take a break and go out every weekend hahaha!!!

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A Fine Beta Kappa Speech pt. 2

Here is part 2..

For the sake of the media, the college’s rankings and the parents of the kids applying to Colby, it is difficult, too idealistic and improbable to assume we can cast off all numbers and pretend we’re a Montessori school. But, I think we can take the example that another famed venture capitalist, Peter Thiel enumerates about Google – they pretend they’re just another ad-tech company competing in a giant sea, but their real focus is on an entirely different level.

A distinction like this can allow Colby to truly focus on what is actually important – creating an environment that sets their hearts on flame. That means seeking out the kids that may not be going straight into finance or med school orand find the kids that are different, and have varying interests and then give them the right environment here at Colby, so that in their 4 years here they can create and build a body of knowledge and skills that will prepare them to live a successful and inventive life. This means that it should come to no surprise that a computer science major is on the lacrosse team, or that a football player is a 4.0 student, or that someone on the Woodsmen team dresses like a prep.

The fact of the matter is that there will be plenty of kids who will continue going to work at banks and plenty of 2300 SAT bio majors that will continue getting into Colby. It will continue, I promise, and the school can still take part in the arms race on the Forbes list with other ivy league schools and small liberal arts colleges. This is okay. In this we can pretend to be a similar, but different school and manage to compete on an entirely different level.

I firmly believe that the outcome a liberal arts college should aspire to is not just create another good looking number. No matter what the buzzword of the day is, a college like Colby should remain steadfast in its desire to create complete human beings, not just statistics. And if you don’t believe me, perhaps a quote from Tom Peters, former McKinsey partner and management guru will help put everything in perspective: “I was at a dinner party recently with a guy who’s probably one of the top ten finance people in the world. At one point he said, “Do you know what the biggest problem is with big-company CEOs? They don’t read enough.”

That that is the biggest complaint from a multibillionaire investor to a former management consultant tells us that through all the noise, the focus of the liberal arts college perhaps does lie in its history: teaching the liberal arts.

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A Fine Betta Kappa Speech

Today, I want to share the first draft of my Phi Beta Kappa speech for the annual speech contest. I will split it into two parts and if I continue into the next round, I’ll be sure to let you know my edits because everybody loves edits. So here goes:


“Colleges… can only highly serve us when they aim not to drill, but to create and set the hearts of their youth on flame.” At least that is what Ralph Waldo Emerson stated in a speech to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 1837. The speech was aptly titled The American Scholar and would soon become the society’s literary magazine title as well. But we are here to discuss the outcomes to which a liberal arts college should aspire, not to have a history lesson. Or is that not the case?


I think we can all agree with Emerson’s statement that a college should seek to give its students both the ability and the inspiration to create. And yet at the same time, the very question we are here to discuss is asking about outcomes – whether jobs, graduate admissions, or fellowships. On one hand, we know have Emerson’s seemingly immeasurable ideals, and on the other hand, we have, and Colby is not alone in this, an innate desire to objectively measure how we are doing. So while it’s great to hear from intellectual A to Fareed Zakaria that the students are learning to think critically, the students also need jobs.

I would like to suggest that the outcome is not an either or question, but a both and question. Both and? That sounds like English Theory, not a practical solution, you might be saying. A-ha! Exactly. But how do we blend practical job needs per se with theoretical ideals?

In an essay on start up ideas, the venture capitalist and Y Combinator founder, Paul Graham quotes Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance saying, “You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It’s easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally,” he then follows up that quote by saying, “empirically, the way to have good start up ideas is to become the sort of person who has them.”

Once again, I think we can all agree that painting a perfect painting or having a good start up is an outcome for graduates that a liberal arts college would be happy aspiring to. But then again the problem with that is, will a famous artist be measurable at 23. Will the founder of the next ground-breaking technology be a billionaire before 30?

The outcome that we keep hoping liberal arts colleges will aspire to is one that is that cannot be measured in the near term. There is no statistic to tell you which accepted students will create a groundbreaking technology. But the statistic telling us how many students are admitted per year and how many get jobs at bulge bracket banks does exist.

Pt. 2 tomorrow…..

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Independent Studies

A great little secret to finishing your major at Colby is taking or creating an independent study. As the school is small, the faculty for each major is also fairly concentrated. While the professors are great, they only have so much time to teach certain classes. Most of the time, they’re either interesting to you, or they are required to finish the major.

What if you’ve finished your requirements, but not your major or minor, and you’re looking for something a little bit outside of the range of what’s being offered in a given semester? Take an independent study. It’s certainly a bit harder than just signing up for a class. You have to be interested enough in a topic to bring it to a professor and create a class out of it. You also have to know what you’re getting into. First, you need to convince your professor that your topic is intriguing enough to you and relevant enough to them to happen. Then, you need submit a request to the registrar for an independent study.

The absurd thing about this is that you have approximately 250 characters or something of the like to explain your independent study. That’s characters. Not words. For the independent study that I’m in now I thought it was 250 words. I made sure to write a concise essay hitting all the points I would cover in my independent study. When I copy/pasted it into the submission box, only two sentences copied over. What I thought was already pretty concise became a serious exercise in reduction. Luckily, I passed through the submission gates and was allowed to do the independent study this spring.

Next time, I’ll take you inside the actual specifics of the independent study.

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Spending my spring break in New York City!

Spring break came at the right time. I seriously needed a break after all the mid-terms, papers and rehearsals.

First of all, congratulations, class of 2019!! I am very excited to meet you! And I can’t believe I will be a sophomore in a few months…I still remember last year, I was still deciding where I should go, and I guess I made the right decision! :)

I can’t really use words to describe how I got refreshed this spring break. I spent most of my time meeting up with my high school friends and Colby friends in Manhattan. I got Asian food almost every meal, and I got back the feeling of being a ‘city girl’.

Perhaps growing up in a small business city has had a big influence on me. I am very used to a busy and efficient schedule, a hectic life, and having public transportation that literally brings you wherever you want to go. Going to Colby College really offers me another way of living. Take it slow. Chill.

But something that I miss the most is the convenient transportation and the variety of  food and activities. When I am stressed out or I need a break, I usually meet my old friends up and have a great meal. Here at Colby, I need to develop a new way to give myself a break! Haha, I don’t play basketball that often in Hong Kong but since I can’t go off campus all the time, playing basketball has become my new habit.

Here are some photos of NYC, the more I look at the photos, the more I miss home-Hong Kong.

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Skip to my Lou

The past two days I have done something very special. So special, there is just no possible way anyone in the world could ever guess. So you might be wondering, where am I going, what am I talking about, who am I? You might be thinking, if you’re one of the long time readers – chili again? A Snow day? NO!

In fact, quite the opposite. The past two days, I did not have to wear boots! Boy, what a treasure! The temps rose into the upper thirties and lower forties. As this past February was the coldest February ever recorded in Maine, literally, these temps were balmy. You might be thinking, well 37-43 degrees Farenheit isn’t that warm. It’s not. But putting on thin socks and a pair of shoes that don’t have treads or a giant rubber sole an inch thick changes up the game a little.

You feel light and free. Instead of walking straight on top of barren tundras of ice, you must dart around melted patches that have become puddles the width of the sidewalk. You can run, skip and hop jump through campus.

Relativity has worked its wonders the past few days. People are taking off their jackets, they are showing their pale, sun deprived legs to the world and Punxatawnie Phil has been told quite abruptly to go away. Finally, only one more week of winter! And then it should be spring. I hope. We are in Maine, so when the sun drops, the temps go frigid again. But there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. And also lightweight, non waterproof shoes.

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