Colby During the Summer – Sports and Weekends

If you didn’t read my last blog post, this one is a continuation of a sort of series I’m doing to create a snapshot of Colby summers. Last week I talked about jobs (the important stuff) and this week and next I’ll be talking about what else goes on around campus during the summer!



While most Colby students are pretty athetic and work out a fair amount, it definitely seems as if more kids than usual are at the athletic center and going for a quick run around campus during the summer. Every day after work I try to go for some sort of a run- either just around campus, the 3-mile loop, or if I’m feeling very amibitious, the 7 mile run that goes past a nearby lake. Rock climbing seems also to have sprung up in popularity over the summer – while I haven’t really gone, a lot of students spend afternoons and evenings at the rock climbing wall. Also, there are various rock climbing trips over the weekends which I’ll talk about in my next section. Usually there are a bunch of pickup games too – either soccer on the football field (we’re just too lazy to walk to the actual soccer fields) or volleyball outside of Dana. There’s a Facebook group some kids created as well to get the word around, as well as the general announcement emails.


Weekend Trips:

Around the first week or so on campus, a couple of Facebook groups sprang up for summer kids. One was a summer sports page, where pickup soccer and baseball games are posted, and the other is a Colby summer hiking board. While I haven’t had time to do any of the hiking trips, there are always ton going on – students got together and went to Acadia, Baxter, Katadhin, and a bunch of other cool places to camp and climb. The best part about it is that you don’t really have to know anyone, usually the trips are completely open regardless of whether you know the other people, and it’s a great way to get to know people. While there’s no SPB or anything like that during the summer, these just really sprang up by the students, but there are ocassional “official” trips such as a trip to Baxter that summer Campus Life (or something like that) created where buses were offered to bring some of us to moose watch for a weekend. Besides these kind of open big trips, you obviously have groups of friends doing their own thing for the weekend to, going to family camps, the ocean, Portland, Boston, Acadia, Canada, and other awesome things! So far, I feel like I’ve spent every weekend doing something or other, driving around Maine, hanging out with different friends and things like that.


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