I don’t care what people say about exam week – the worst part is not the exams. It’s not the studying itself either. For me, it’s the fact that I’ve spent way over my quota of time sitting inside.

By this point in the week, I’ve started to go a bit stir-crazy. It’s hard to sit still and my mind will wander at the slightest distraction. I know I’ve got to tough it out for two more exams, but in between study sessions I’ve been daydreaming about ice skating on frozen ponds, skiing through the woods, and standing on mountain tops. (The skating and skiing are really wishful thinking at this point, it’s 45 degrees Fahrenheit in Waterville right now).

These last few days will be rough. Still, we’re almost there. We’ve almost made it to winter break freedom, during which I can guarantee you that I will spend very little time sitting inside.

Sending out good vibes for all those studying and testing,

Alice H.

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