Distributing Classes by Distribution Requirements

I have this fantastic plan that I’m hoping will work.  There’s a class during JanPlan called “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems” that not only sounds pretty cool, but would also fulfill my second natural sciences requirement (the first being fulfilled now, as I’m taking a geology course with a lab).  Then next semester I’ll maybe try statistics and finish my quantitative requirement.  I’ll hopefully take anthropology and fulfill the international diversity requirement.  I think I’ll also try to take cinema studies, and then the fourth class is up the air – continue Spanish?  Start French?  Try religious studies?

I’ve heard a few people say that they hate it when they hear people saying, “I’m only taking it to fulfill the requirement.”  It probably sounds like I just want to be done with my natural sciences and quantitative requirements.  To be honest, it’s true.  I’ve never been into math and sciences; I took them as I needed to and didn’t necessarily hate them, but I always preferred humanities classes.  But the great thing about college is that there are classes that fulfill natural sciences and quantitative requirements that aren’t bog-standard “biology” or “pre-calculus.”

Even though I have to take classes to satisfy these requirements, I get to take ones that actually sound interesting.  If I can’t get into my JanPlan class of choice, I could try to take an astronomy course next semester instead.  That sounds more exciting to me than a “normal” science class.  So, I’m not taking them just to fulfill a requirement.

If I finish up my distribution requirements this year, which I might thanks to some APs I took, I’ll have more room to experiment, start my major, maybe double minor, and all kind of fun things that are the reason one comes to a liberal arts college.  Fingers crossed!

Oh, and here’s what the sky looked like last night.

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