Do you remember me? No? I don’t either.

To anyone who is still reading this, I have two things to say to you. First, it’s not you; it’s me. Life has just been really busy with exams, papers, quizzes, and maybe a nervous breakdown or two. The second item is that you should never worry about not being academically challenged here at Colby. Trust me, your brain will be challenged in so many shapes; your CAT scans will be hung in a gallery as a work of art afterwards.

While I feel as if this semester has been one long sleep-deprived blur so far, I will say that Colby really does provide all the resources you need. As long as I initiated the effort, all my professors have been incredibly kind and helpful to me. Not only do they set aside office hours, but in general they’ve been willing to stay after class and just help a somewhat brain-dead student.

Also, there are plenty of places to study no matter what time of day (or more likely, night) it is. There are also open computer labs, free printers, and couches to sleep on. All three of these resources have been incredibly helpful. Colby also has laptop rentals, computer stations to work on, three libraries with reserves, and a great online library archive website.

So as I’m spending my entire semester with face falling asleep in a book, I take comfort in that I’m not destitute in resources. Really, Colby has everything I need. The rest is all on me.

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