End of JanPlan

It’s the end of JanPlan!  It’s crazy how quickly it went by.  On Thursday it even felt like spring, so that seriously messed with my head.  It was about 55° and rainy and most of the snow melted.  So when I stepped into the surprisingly warm air that morning, I got too hopeful about spring before remembering I still have February and March to get through.

Despite the fact that the weather may not pick up for a while, I found myself getting excited for spring, even as I doled out $320 on books for this semester.  Coming back to Colby after winter break felt different because I no longer felt like a new kid on campus.  I had my people, I knew where everything was, I had a grip on things.  Remembering how I had already been here half a year was pretty great.  Obviously JanPlan was a way different pace than a normal semester will be, so I think coming back from this break will feel even weirder than it did at the beginning of January.  I’ve been thinking of things to look forward to for the spring semester, and here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1)   One of the first things I want to do when I’m back from break is go see Rust and Bone at Railroad Square Cinema.  I think I was there at least once a week in JanPlan, but there are still so many movies to see… (I saw The Impossible on Thursday night – wow.)

2)   The weekend of February 8 is Loudness and DJ Enferno is coming – check out some of his amazing YouTube videos:  http://www.youtube.com/user/djenferno?feature=watch.  He mixes live, so it’ll really be like a performance.

3)   On February 15 there is a Coffee House show with Zach Heckendorf performing that I planned so any of my friends on campus reading this, YOU SHOULD ALL COME:  http://www.facebook.com/zachheckendorf?fref=ts.

4)   February 27 is Bicentennial Day so we don’t have classes – don’t know what activities will be going on that day, but it’ll for sure mean I can have a surprise mid-week sleep-in.  There’s also a nifty website set up here:  https://www.colby.edu/colbyhistory/.

5)   Spring break – gonna do a bit of a spin round New England with my mom, brother, and grandma.  And visit Rhode Island for the first time (exciting stuff).

6)   And after that the weather will get better, so I’ll be a happy camper.

For now, I’m spending the weekend visiting family in the New York area and relishing in the last few days of having zero work to do before college really starts up again.  Have a nice weekend!


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