Ending the Year With a Bang

I am not even close to comprehending the fact that I am leaving Colby next week and won’t be back until soccer tryouts in August. Weirdly, it feels similar to when I left home to come to Colby last summer; in the sense that my social, academic, and every other kind of mentality is directed towards things going on at Colby. I haven’t reflected much upon the year as a whole past the point of knowing that it was a great experience and I have changed in a lot of positive ways. So, now that you’ve gotten through my short freshman year reminisce, I’ll tell you about what the end of second semester is like here.

Tomorrow marks the end of second semester, the beginning of Loudness, and hopefully a concurrent small break in the stress associated with finals. This loudness there will be fireworks… Yes, fireworks! On Friday night there will be fireworks over Johnson Pond. I am beyond excited at the prospect of fireworks this weekend. And that’s only a small part of all of the activities this weekend. Tonight, there’s a “Party in the US Gay” sponsored by the Bridge, (Colby’s LGBTQI group). After the fireworks on Friday, there is a dance on the lawn outside of Dana. And on Saturday there is tons of activities in the afternoon (bull riding and a bouncy house for example) followed by a concert that night.

Needless to say, it will be no problem finding a distraction from schoolwork this weekend. Thankfully Colby gives us a reading period on the Monday and Tuesday before finals to prepare for our upcoming tests and papers. I guess this weekend is technically a part of the reading period too; but with Colby enabling us to have this much fun it would be tragic not to take advantage of Loudness and by doing something as preposterous as studying the weekend before finals.

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