Fall Break!

It already seems, at 3:30pm, that most of campus has emptied out.  I can hear at least one other person banging around on my floor, but Bob’s wasn’t that busy at lunch (and there was polenta, so you’d expect it to be, right?)  Miller was nearly empty when I went to print my readings for the weekend.

It’s great.  I love it.

I really need some time to recuperate and catch up on work that I might have let fall behind as I cranked out my nearly ten-page sociology paper this week (it only needed to be at least six..whoops).  There are some other things I’m excited to do since I’ll have two full days of nothing on Monday and Tuesday!

1.    Reading

I haven’t had time to properly read before I go to bed at night.  It’s something I did at home and then didn’t do much at boarding school, but it’s always been a nice comfort.  Since I’ve been here, I’m typically working until 11/12ish, I just want to sleep as soon as I can.  But for this weekend, I bought The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the bookstore, mostly because I want to see the movie.  I’m about fifty pages in, but it’s really good.  If I finish that, I have Franny and Zooey.

2.    Watching “Freaks and Geeks”

I know I already said I was excited to watch this, but I’m fully prepared to have a marathon.  It’s a great show about high school in the 80s, with Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jason Segal and produced by Judd Apatow, before they were famous.  It’s really funny, quirky, very good, and I would say that it does deal with real-life issues (though I couldn’t connect to the part when they were bashing mailboxes because that’s not en vogue now).

3.    Listening to “Halcyon” by Ellie Goudling and “#3” by The Script

Just released this week – plan on blasting them all weekend since there will be no one around to tell me to turn it down.

4.    Journaling and tweeting for my English class

In my English class, “Gaga to Kafka:  Writing the Self,” we have read Rainer Marie Rilke, Franz Kafka, Ulrike Meinhof, W.G. Sebald and other German writers that I had never heard of before (besides Kafka).  The first thing we talked about was about how Lady Gaga has a tattoo of an excerpt from a letter Rilke wrote to an aspiring poet.  Long story short, our homework for the next week is to tattoo ourselves with Sharpie and journal seven times about the tattoo.  Mine is on my wrist and says, “try to say what you see and feel and love and lose,” from the same letter that Rilke wrote that Gaga has inked herself from.  We’re also supposed to tweet about it; we’ve used Twitter a bunch for this class which makes it fun to do the homework, but also makes me feel like I’m not being productive when I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed to find things to reply to for class.

5.    Writing letters

I’m a big fan of writing letters, and in the past two weeks I haven’t had any time to write any.  I ordered amazing envelopes that are “up-cycled” from maps.  I can’t wait to sit down and write a whole bunch to my friends in Illinois, Massachusetts, and England.

6.    Working on my absentee ballot

I’m voting in Minnesota, my home state, and I got my absentee ballot a few weeks ago.  I’m trying to be an informed voter, so I’m going to Google all the candidates I haven’t heard of.  I was thinking about what’s worse – an uninformed voter or no vote?  So I decided that I’ll do my research.

7.    Portland

Hopefully I’ll take the bus down to Portland on Sunday and look around.  I just want to walk and take some pictures, maybe buy some trinkets or cupcakes.

Here’s a picture of me throwing an axe at the Woodsmen Team demo last weekend.  By far one of the cooler things I’ve done since I got here, even if I didn’t get close to hitting the target.


And here’s another picture of another pretty sunset.

Happy weekend!

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