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I thought it would be fun to do photographic food journal this week, but full disclosure – I forgot to take pictures in order, so these aren’t from the same day.  My roommate even texted me reminders but I didn’t see them until after I had eaten!  But this is still hopefully a decent representation of what you may be able to eat at Colby.

There are three dining halls – Foss, Bobs, and Dana.  I normally get Dana in the mornings since it’s closest to where I have class and then I’m nearly always at Bobs for lunch and dinner, but sometimes I try Foss (for their lunchtime bento box fusions or wraps).  There’s always the annoying thing with how Foss is the farthest away from my dorm (ugh so difficult).  Last night I made the mistake of going there all the way from the gym when it was about 35° outside and raining.  It was frigid.  Then there’s the Spa if all else fails!  We get one free swipe at week at the Spa that counts in the meal plan.  Everyone was raving about the Spa bagels when I got here (they’re delivered instead of store bought like in the dining halls), so it has become my Thursday morning routine.

Really though, you can’t go wrong.  There are always three or four different plates you could get, plus sandwich bar at lunch, salad bar, bread bar, cereal, and then desserts.  Dana also always has pizza and pasta options.

The dining halls all have different atmospheres.  I always have Bobs on Friday afternoons for lunch when it’s empty.  If you go to Foss later it’s usually empty.  If you get to Dana after the people with 9am class have scurried out, it’s empty.  I like eating when no one else is, obviously!

So here’s what I had for breakfast this morning – bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant from the Spa (I’ve only gotten this one other time, and it’s just been when they’ve run out of bagels).

This is what I had for lunch Thursday afternoon – chipotle chicken wrap at Bobs.  Not prime food photography, and I went a little crazy because they had barbecue chips.

And this was my dinner Friday night!  My roommate and I just barely made it into Bobs before they closed, but I still got a nice dinner – gotta love the quinoa!

Have a nice weekend!

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