Friends, Fun, & Wipeouts

I don’t really consider myself a serious athlete. Sure, I played three sports in high school and got pretty competitive, but I wasn’t serious enough about any of those sports to try and continue my athletic career in college.  

 Needless to say, when Freshman fall rolled around, I found myself seriously missing field hockey. Lucky for me, Colby has an awesome intramural sports program, and my friend and I formed a intramural field hockey team called the Ninjas. Most of the people on our team (boys and girls—a mix is required!) had never played before, so it was really laid back. It was great to get back on the field, playing one of my favorite sports and making new friends.    

I’ve played on intramural field hockey and basketball teams, and I even played in a couple soccer games when teams needed more players. But out of all of the intramural sports Colby offers, broomball is, by far, my favorite.

What is broomball, you ask? According to Wikipedia, the sport originated in Canada and has spread to countries all over the world.  At Colby there are three broomball seasons: Late Fall, Jan Plan, and Winter. Teams consist of at least five players (since there must be 5 players on the ice at once), including the goalie. The sport itself is a little like hockey; we play on the ice rink and use “sticks” (though they aren’t like hockey sticks at all) to pass around a mini soccer ball. The aim is to score more goals than the other team.

For the most part, people don’t take broomball too seriously at Colby. I mean, it’s difficult to be too intense about a sport that requires people to run (in sneakers) on ice, inevitably wiping out. Playing broomball is a chance for friends to hang out and engage in some light-hearted competition with their peers. The games are always full of laughs, and one quickly learns that wiping out can actually be a strategic way to block the other team from getting to the ball.
Here’s a few pictures to help you get a better image of what broomball is. It’s really quite a strange sport!

Searching for a teammate


A classic wipeout

Watching the game
If you decide to come to Colby, play broomball. It’s a great study break, a great way to meet new friends, and a great way to fit in your exercise for the day!
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  1. broomball Colby found a fun game … pity that in Brazil is not playing.
    You need more endurance than in hockey because you always have to runtofollow the play.

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