I feel like my posts up until this point have been about my work, stress, and dealing with all that.  But I’ve said hardly anything about all the fun stuff I’ve gotten to do!

During the week, I don’t typically have a lot going on.  However, I have recently discovered the merits of napping, so that in itself has been quite exciting.  I’ll go to the gym, which is my ultimate relaxation time because I plug myself in to Netflix or Hulu and get on an elliptical.  I’ve gotten into watching documentaries – Urbanized is my most recent pick, about urban growth and planning.

However besides the things I do on a daily basis, there’s almost always something going on at night.  I’ve found myself at a smattering of speakers or film showings.  Having these options make it enticing to go do all those things instead of studying.  But, making the decision to say “yes” and try everything you can is, I think, a good way to try and live here.  Even though we’re a small student population/campus, there is such a variety of people and experiences you may encounter – besides slaving over work, it’s important to take time to see what else Colby has to offer.  I love that there are so many things I can do and see right here!

There are so many spontaneous things in between to experience.  Last Friday I ended up spending hours at Food Day. I had only planned to go for a bit, but it was too much fun (local farmers, so much food, and a petting zoo!)  This morning as I dragged myself out of bed for an exam, I was greeted with an email saying that today is “Spontaneous Fun Day!” so there have been Dunkin Donuts in Pulver (which were fantastic after said exam) and there are little treats going on throughout the day.  I’m glad it came today, because I needed it!

View from Miller before Sandy:

We didn't get hit with much of the storm up here; besides some winds and rain on Monday night, and a random huge thunderstorm Tuesday, we were fine. I have family that was affected, so I hope that if you have been that you're safe and doing well!


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