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Hey guys

So this week I thought I’d talk about my JanPlan course. Some January courses up here on the hill are like a normal class – studying, midterms, papers, and finals. That’s pretty unusual though, generally a JanPlan class is really unique and chill: to make up for the fact that we have a short Christmas break, I guess, JanPlan seems to be an extention of that break – just at Colby and getting some education in too. The class I’m taking is Game Design – it would count towards my Computer Science major so I’ve been planning on taking it for a while.

The class meets 9 AM to 3:30 PM (we usually peace out earlier than that) with an hour long lunch break but only on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. So, like all (almost all) JanPlans we have a three day weekend. And a nice break in the middle of the week. The 9 AM part is terrible for me, but the course is pretty relaxed and once our morning lectures end and it’s more hands on independent work, I may enjoy an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Don’t tell.

So far we’ve learned about Game Design, looked at past projects, and had a lot of idea sharing and such. We’ve formed 4-6 person groups, each with our own game concept. Ours is a skiing game, where you navigate a character past/over obstacles, over jumps, onto grind rails, and it can do some pretty gnarly tricks. Speaking of gnarly, the game is based on GNAR, if any of you skiiers have gnared it up on the mountain before. It should be actually a lot easier to make than it sounds – we use a program called Torque where we put the game together, but also need to write in a language similiar to C++ to do some of the cooler stuff. Next week for our group will most likely consist of learning that language – especially for people who haven’t learned C++ yet. (I learned some of it over the summer when I worked for the department) Right now the only concrete results we have are our ideas, but it’s only the first week so I’m sure next week we’ll have much cooler stuff. Speaking of next week, I only have four more of these blogs to do before I’m in New Zealand! Then come my kiwi blogs.

See you next week, and here’s another picture of Wellington – I’m gonna live here for 5 months!!


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