Getting Accepted to School

So for most of spring break I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to write a research paper for my class on state legislatures, and I decided the best way to start that was to procrastinate a bit. Which, of course, usually takes the form of a bit of Facebook stalking. I came across the status update by the Colby page that had a picture of all the accepted letters the school had just sent out, and started reading the comments alumni and current students were making. Although I was never the biggest fan of high school, I still felt a bit of nostalgia for that day in March last year. For the past couple days, I had decided to do my homework in my living room (which is the only room in our house to face the mailbox) to wait for letters to come in. As I remember, the day was a bit overcast and raining a little bit, but I sprinted down the driveway as soon as I saw the truck pull in. It turned out that I in fact got two letters that day: the first from Bates (yeah.. Bates..) and the second from Colby. Because I apply regular decision and I hadn’t gotten accepted to any other schools so far, I immediately knew that Colby would be the school I was going to go to.

The next six months were absolute agony, and to be honest I hadn’t really know much about the school before I applied. It was never my first choice, and in fact my guidance counselor in high school thought it was a good idea to tell me that if you’re from Maine, you have absolutely no chance of getting into Colby. Which, by the way, is completely false – Colby actually makes a great deal of effort to get students from in state to balance out the student body as much as possible, and I believe we currently have about an in state population of around 10 percent which is pretty high. Anyways, it turned out to be very sort of random that I ended up going to Colby – not only did I not really know much about it, but I made some terrible, terrible decisions in terms of applying to schools as a senior in high school. I only applied to four, and none were really a safety school. For any current seniors in high school, don’t make the same mistake I did! I got extremely lucky in the respect that I loved every aspect of Colby after I got in, but it easily could have turned out much worse. Even though when I first received that letter I didn’t know much about the school, that day remains one of the happiest of my life. Wherever you end up going, getting your acceptance letter in the mail will definitely be an experience you never forget.


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