Getting Through

I am between finals and such at the moment.  This morning at 9am I had sociology and this afternoon at 1:30pm I had Spanish.  I came back to my room after taking two and a half hours to write that exam and flopped down on my bed and Skyped my best friend in England, who just finished his school term and got home this afternoon.  Then one of my friends came in and we were all talking and she couldn’t stop laughing about his accent which was really amusing because I spent the entire year in England and said friend is coming to visit me over winter break.  We had a long dinner at Foss (we scored a booth which has never happened to me before) and talked and hung out which was SO nice because I haven’t had time for anything this week.  I do have an exam tomorrow, so I’m writing this and then running off to study some geology with my lab partner.

This week I created for myself a schedule which I could actually follow.  Which was good because sometimes during finals you have the tendency to say “I’m gonna do 23942943598 things today” and then you get overwhelmed and do none of those things.  I would wake up around 9/10, make my way over to the gym, workout while watching TV (such a nice break), have an early lunch at Bobs, shower, get myself together, and find a place to work.  The only flaw in this plan is that by 1/2pm once I was showered, all the study spots in Miller, Olin, etc. were all taken.  People were also claiming rooms in Lovejoy by hanging passive-aggressive signs on the door handles that say “TAKEN” and I’m assuming leaving them overnight and therefore claiming the rooms for themselves all week.

BUT I discovered the Alumni Center.  I had always been a little afraid to go over there plus I wasn’t sure how they felt about students studying there.  However I figured that during finals they might be more understanding.  Thankfully, they were quite welcoming about letting me commandeer a conference rooms upstairs.  Things got more complicated as the week went on because security started kicking us out which was fair enough because the building technically locks at 5pm so they don’t want people staying until 11pm (like I did…twice).  The library there is beautiful and has all these books about Colby or written by Colby grads (including some of the Gossip Girl books).  There’s all this awesome Colby memorabilia too.  And a fireplace!  Which made me so happy, except it also meant I couldn’t study in there because I would just fall asleep in the cozy leather chairs by the fire.  There was also a chocolate basket.  So shout out to the people in the Alumni Center – thanks for putting up with us all during finals week!

Yeah so now I’m finishing this up sat in pajama pants under my Christmas lights hanging out with a dorm friend until I go to study more geology.  This’ll be my last post until JanPlan so happy holidizzles and Happy New Year!

Funny vintage sign in the Alumni Center library


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