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So I have a friend visiting this weekend. I never go out to eat because I don’t have a job that pays me enough of to enjoy such indulgences (ahem) but every time someone is up to visit (secondly, and maybe more importantly, if they have a car) I love taking them out to eat here in Waterville.

Even though I’m from New York, I’d like to think that I’m not a total food snob. That might not entirely be true, but hopefully this will dispel some of the stereotypes that are no doubt floating around. I went to Jorgensen’s today, which is an order-at-the-counter breakfast/lunch place that cannot be adequately described without the word “cute” somewhere in there. With a straight up breakfast menu of egg sandwiches and so many different flavored coffees that you’ll need a friend’s finger’s and toes to finish counting them, Jorgie’s is a great space that leaks that small town feel – complete with the for-sale art on the walls. They’ve got paninis for lunch – enough said.

For dinner tonight, we went out to The Last Unicorn (it was a pretty extravagant day.) Even though the name implies a certain casual nature (does it? I’d like to think so) the prices suggest that they are going for something else. That being said, The Last Unicorn is one of the nicer restaurants in Waterville and a Colby student favorite for when the parents come visit (see: free.) And the food is generally worth the price. A quick disclaimer, the cheese dip comes with two loaves of bread and unless reprimanded you will definitely eat both of them. Pick an entrée accordingly.

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