I’m a hero

Oh man I have a lot going on right now.

Yesterday was especially busy. I had to wake up early because I had to read an entire book for my fiction writing class. A class, mind you, that I missed half of because I was ambushed by the Red Cross. My blood type is O positive so I guess it’s kind of important for me to donate, but it took an hour and half from start to finish.

After class I met with my advisor to change my major from English Lit to Creative Writing, which I feel is more representative of what I’m studying here. It’s been a long road to get that major change, though, because of the requirements. Creative writing is the English major plus four extra writing workshop classes, and since I didn’t know I wanted to be an English major until the end of my sophomore year, I was at a real disadvantage. I think it’s a testament to the Colby faculty that they were able to sit down and work out what classes I could get to count towards my new major. I don’t know that that would have happened in a bigger school.

I set up my linkedin.com profile. I don’t know if that’s news worthy or not, but it’s a finely tuned machine right now. I even put a portfolio of sorts up there. Check me out, gangsters, I’m kind of a big deal.

Finally, TONIGHT IS THE FIRST OBSERVATION NIGHT FOR MY CLUB. I’m so excited to learn how to use the crazy telescope that we have in the observatory. Tonight we’re going to be able to see the Andromeda Galaxy, Jupiter, and the Orion Nebula. Not bad. And not to jinx it, but as of right now, I can’t see a cloud in the sky.

Later nerds.

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