Impending Winter, part 2

So I realize that my post last week was fairly dramatic – I got freaked out the first few days it was cold.  But now I’m remembering the fun stuff in winter – that despite the fact that it’s going to be freezing, there’s a ton of stuff to do.

Colby has JanPlan; a few other schools in the Northeast have similar programs.  I recently saw some friends from high school that are at different colleges around the country, and they were all super-jealous of my schedule for the month of January.  I’ll be taking a class called Images of Men and Women in American Film, which only meets 1:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday.  So what will I do with all of my free time??

  1. Read – I say this, but who knows what will happen.  Since I won’t have to be up early every day, maybe I’ll spend the mornings with some cocoa in bed.
  2. Sled – The hill in front of Miller and the hill in front of the chapel (if and when it snows).  I don’t have a sled but I’m sure I’ll be finding myself a cheap one from Walmart soon.
  3. Watch movies and TV – Looking forward to getting some serious work done on my Netflix queue.
  4. Travel – Maybe pop down to Portland or Boston for a weekend and visit some friends or explore the cities more.  Now I know how easy it is to use the busses; I’m keen to get back to Portland to look around the waterfront area.
  5. Take pictures – Still haven’t been to the Arboretum!  Maybe I can get some good snow shots.
  6. Ski – I don’t have my own skis or a car, so if I make it to Sugarloaf or Sunday River it’s going to be a big all-day production.  Hopefully it’ll happen though!
  7. Enjoy Colby – From what I’ve heard, campus gets a lot quieter as upperclassmen can take classes off-campus or not do JanPlan at all.  I like campus when it’s more relaxed, so it’ll be a nice time to embrace being here.

Once JanPlan is over, it’ll really be winter and the start of the spring semester.  That’s exciting stuff because I’ll have all new classes (placement to be confirmed soon) and I’ll probably have to seriously start thinking about what I want to major in, and how that will factor into studying abroad.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  Here are some pictures I took earlier this week.  Classic chapel/Miller shots, but they’re quite picturesque so one can never have too many pictures of them.


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