Impending Winter

It’s winter.

It’s dark before 4:30pm.  The trees are all bare.  Everyone is tired all the time.  It snowed last week but it melted by the end of the day and then it was cold and raining and just further contributed to the (my) misery.

This is the fourth year I’ve been in the winter in New England and to be frank, I hate it.  I may be from Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean that I like the cold or the snow!

I like the cold when it’s just nippy enough to wear a hat and gloves and you’re cozy wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands.  I like the snow when it first falls and everything is completely magical and beautiful and makes you feel warm and fuzzy in your heart.

I hate the cold when you bundle up, but as soon as you go outside you feel like you’re going to die and you’ve never felt that cold before and it’s just awful.  I hate the snow when it’s been on the ground for ages and it gets black and dirty and there are the massive piles tragically sitting in parking lots that have been plowed months ago.

Right now we’re straddling the end of fall and the inevitable beginning to winter.  In that sense it’s like purgatory to me.  I know what’s coming, and I’m afraid.  But this is also the best time of the year.  Next week is Thanksgiving Break.  Once we get back, it’ll be almost December and then it’s basically the holiday season and I am beyond excited to go home and bake cookies and cook all the time and go shopping and play with my puppy.

Except finals in December…well, I’m choosing not to think about that right now.  I’m planning on studying my rock kit with my lab partner this weekend and we’ll see how that makes me feel about my geology lab final…

Happy Friday!

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