International Extravaganza

If there is one piece of advice I would like to give to departing seniors/incoming freshman (I assume, my main audience), it would be to never be afraid to do what you want and try something new. There have been many things this year that I wish I had partaken in. One example, would be dancing in the International Extravaganza.

Every year, students coordinate dances from different cultures around the world, usually led by an international student from the dance’s origin. I attended the event on Saturday and there was such a variety of performances and representation from different nations. The auditorium was packed by the time I arrived so I was left standing in the back for 2.5 hours but it was worth it. It was fun to watch people perform and show their pride. I heard so many songs in so many different languages. It was beautiful.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the acts (there were about 20). I apologize that I do not know the correct term for each dance or song or country of origin but I will relay the information I do know.

Belly Dancing (led by my friend from Turkey)


Karate (brought to you by the Karate Club, I didn’t even know we had one!)

Taiko Drumming


Poem about Diversity (Solo act! Very brave and very wonderful)

African Dance (seriously, some crazy awesome moves. I don’t know how they do it but it was impressive)

Bollywood Dance


Japanese Fishermen’s Dance (my friend was in this one! So proud of her. Apparently, this is a typical United World’s College – UWC – dance)


Chinese Dance to the song “Bu Yao, Bu Yao” (this is the song that won the World Division Song Contest earlier this year. VERY catchy song)


Russian Song (my friend is playing the guitar! The music to this song was so beautiful. There was a violin, a cello, two guitars, and a flute)

I imagine that each group devoted so much time and effort into their performance. Each group wore native clothes for the dances and songs, which really made the acts seem authentic. What a great show!! I am always sad when I miss out on an opportunity to try something new that seems really fun. Sometimes I feel like I am just too shy to put myself out there for the world to see. But slowly, I am trying to change that about myself and crawl out of my shell.

About Anh Uong

My name is Anh (yes it is very hard to pronounce). I am a freshman living in Foss (Foss is Boss) ready to take on the world. Traveling from the far reaches of Massachusetts, I have really enjoyed Maine and the beautiful landscape that accompanies it. I am interested in everything from math to writing, which makes selecting a major difficult, but that's why I am here at a liberal arts college. Around campus, I can be spotted with a ukulele, a stack of notebooks, some sort of wildlife, and a smile.
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