It is called “Study” Abroad, after all…

I’ll admit it, sometimes I forget that I came to London to go to school. Sure, I go to classes and have already read numerous books and plays, but the whole experience still seems a bit surreal.

This week was a wake-up call. We are on Week 5 of a 10 Week semester, and next week is the mid-semester break. I am already halfway done with my courses at King’s College, and I feel like I’ve just started. With the knowledge that final essays are already starting to creep up, I decided to head to the library for the first time since I’ve been here.

It’s a bit surprising that I haven’t been to the King’s library yet, since I spend so much time in Miller Library at Colby. I’m not sure what I was expecting on my walk to the Maughan Library–perhaps a cozy brick library like Miller–but I wasn’t expecting the beautiful Gothic architecture that I was greeted with. ┬áHere’s a few pictures of the outside of the library:

As if the outside wasn’t cool enough already, there was a surprise waiting for me on the inside as well. ┬áThis, my friends, is Dumbledore’s office from the Harry Potter movies:

Of course, they made several alternations for the films, but they used this room as the basis for Dumbledore’s office. I actually studied in a room where Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson both stood. Incredible. Here’s what it looked like in the movies:

Needless to say, I can basically say that I studied at Hogwarts.

Now that I have realized I am halfway through my coursework, I’ll be spending much more time in this library. 5 more weeks, and it’s finals time!

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